VH MFG., Inc. is dedicated to being number one in the world of agricultural parts.  We were one of the first to build plastic replacement parts for corn heads.  We are also a custom manufacturer of plastic and steel and manufacture a wide range of agriculture-related products. 

How we do it

VH MFG, Inc. is a small company located in Northwest Iowa. Being located in a small community gives us an economical work force with old fashioned work ethics. The owner of VH MFG, Inc. is directly involved in all aspects of the business.  Whatever your needs, we are the one stop shop for you--from concept, to production, to delivery!


Engineering - VH MFG utilizes the latest technologies to help with your production needs. Our engineering team uses Auto-Cad® and Solid Edge® to create the most accurate production prints possible.


Plastic Rotational Molding - We have the capabilities to develop your molds for Roto-Molded plastic products and produce your product according to your color requirements.  Because the color is solid throughout the plastic, there is no unsightly chipping or scratching away of color.

CNC Plastic Routing - Using various thickness and types of plastic sheeting, we have the capability to produce any shape or bend for the plastic product you need.

Metal Machining - CNC horizontal, vertical, and turning machining centers, broaching and heat treating capabilities give you a full range of production for any type of part or component.

Laser Cutting, Shearing, Bending and Welding - There are endless possibilities to cut, shaper and bend metal from 1/32" to 1".  Any range of parts can be produced as a finished product or fabrication to be welded to your exact needs.


Our experienced staff can take your individual parts (plastic, machined or fabricated metal) and assemble it to your specification.

Your products are then packaged and prepared for delivery or shipment according to your requirements.


We are a custom manufacturer of plastic and steel, and manufacture a wide range of agriculture-related products. 

Below is a list of VH MFG., Inc.’s manufacturing capabilities:

·  Plastic CNC Router
·  CNC Machines
·  NC Band Saw
·  Shears
·  Brake Presses
·  Welding Machines
·  Screw Machines
·  Lasers
·  Roto-Molding
·  Injection Molding
·  Thermal Molding

Please contact us for all of your manufacturing needs!